Friday, September 7, 2012


      This loaf of bread looks like I have felt all day.  I am feeling completely and totally overwhelmed, to the point of tears in fact.  It was a silly thing that started it - a couple of loaves of bread that somehow fell in the oven --- for the second day in a row.  Gluten free bread is so picky!!!!  (Well, any gluten free baking, to be honest.)  I really and truly do not know what happened, but when I pulled them out of the oven, they looked like the above photo.   At least the ends of both loaves are able to be cut and used for sandwiches.  The rest will be frozen in a gallon freezer bag for use as stuffing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Still - why didn't it turn out when it I did the same thing I always do to get beautiful bread???

       The bread is not all that has me overwhelmed today.  Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the Waukegan Air Show, which will be totally incredible, but packing food for 5 people for an 8-10 hour day, plus wipes, safe hand soap, sunblock, clothes, drinks, .... etc.  I also have to make sure everyone has enough medication along, and of course bring the bottle of Benadryl.    My plan is to fill the family up with pumpkin oatmeal (pumpkin cream of rice for Mandie) before we leave the house, then bring my Super Power Muffins, Energy Bites (a batch for Mandie, and a batch for the rest of us)  {recipes for both will follow}, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for the boys, Steve, and I and Cashew Butter & Jelly sandwiches for Mandie, apples, and bananas.  This means that tonight after work and dinner and homework (yes, on a Friday night!) I will make Energy Bites.  Luckily my muffins are made and thawed!       Before I leave tomorrow,  I'll toss a roast in the crockpot with fresh rosemary, potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms, so we can have dinner ready when we get back.          

        Also overwhelming me is the construction going on in our home - not only because of the noise and mess and having everything displaced, but also  because we have hit the painting stage, which MUST be done in the next few days so that the work can continue.  Of course, Mandie's airborne latex allergy and my asthma and chemical sensitivity make this extremely complicated.   The only primer we have found that is safe is by PURE, and of course contains latex.  It has no VOC's and low/no odor, so it only gives me a mild headache.  The paint, Dutch Boy's No VOC and no/low odor paint is also latex paint - which is how we figured out that Mandie's latex allergy had gone airborne when we were painting Steve's office last fall and she went down to see what he was doing and started reacting.  (She started turning red, got a dry, barky cough, and told Steve she itched all over and could not walk up the stairs, but needed Benadryl).   So, the kids' dad will meet up with us after church on Sunday, and take them for an extra afternoon and night so we can get our painting done on schedule.  It kills me to give up any time at all with them, but it is the only safe thing we can do.   As much as I know they are safe with their dad, being a mom and especially an allergy mom, I can't help but worry about them when they are not with me. It is tough, the need to have them out of the house to protect them, but wanting them with me all the same.  
             A few minutes ago I went to make the Energy Bites, and was going to use carob chips in Mandie's in place of the chocolate chips.  No problem, as I had a new bag in the fridge.  After I cut them open I again read the label - and saw palm kernel oil.  Sigh.....   These were from Barry Farms.  I hope to find a safe brand, but fear I will be making my own soon.  I know the Sunspire brand are not Mandie-safe.  And yes, I shed a few tears on Steve's wonderful shoulder, then started laughing like a mad woman.    Then I got busy and made Mandie's using carob powder instead of chips.  I will post the recipes tomorrow night or Sunday.  Now it is time for bed so we can get up and make lunches to take to the airshow tomorrow!  I am sure I will feel more positive in the morning.

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