Saturday, August 11, 2012

Please DON'T feed me! I have many allergies

Tomorrow is the annual pig roast at my parents house.  We have done these since before Mandie was born.  Since she was old enough to be walking around on her own, I have made some type of small sign to pin to her clothing , warning people not to feed her because she has food allergies.  I have always felt safer with so many people who do not know her, since she is such a cute little girl and was too young to articulate what she could and could not eat.  This always worked very well, and her signs led many people to ask questions and learn more about food allergies.   Mandie is now 5 1/2, has been wearing her own epi pens since her birthday in March, and is very good at telling people why she wears them, how to use them, and is getting better about learning the symptoms of a severe reaction.   Mandie knows all of her allergies, and has no problems telling people exactly what she is allergic to and to please wash their hands before they touch her.  Because of this, I gave her the option this year of just wearing her epi pens if she wanted to.  She asked me to make a couple of signs to pin to her dress.  She said that she feels good now (with all of the recent eliminations) and wants to make sure that no one will touch her before they wash, or try to offer her food (we will have safe food in a separate location from everyone else's).  She seemed very nervous, and told me several times that she wants to make sure she stays safe this year.  She even told me exactly what she wanted the sign for her front to say, and the one on her back.    This one is for the front of her dress, so people see it when they look at her
This one she wants on her back. (I would normally use a solid white for her signs, but most of my fabric is in storage, awaiting construction of our new living room and my sewing room.)  
  She made sure that we will have wipes available, and told me that she does not want to get sick.     I am proud of her, and feel a bit more confident that she will handle school just fine this year.    Of course, in addition to safe food in a separate location, and wearing her epi pens, we will have her bottle of benadryl on hand, she will be wearing her MedicAlert bracelet (which she never takes off), and Steve and I will be keeping a close eye on her. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Mandie three years ago.

Tomorrow I will post new pictures of her.
Also coming tomorrow, photos and recipes of my Old Fashioned Baked Beans, Grain-Free Pumpkin Bread, and Banana Bread.

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